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Kamadhenu Mythical Creature Paintings
Product Name : Kamadhenu Mythical Creature Paintings
Product Code : MC 101 (Free Shipping)
About Our Company

Kamadhenu Mythical Creature Paintings Features:

This embossed artwork of kamadhenu is one of its kind with excellent craftsmanship and artistry. Kamadhenu is the sacred bull of the heaven and is believed that it originated from the Ocean of milk( ksheerasamudra). Its calf is called Nandhini. Kamadhenu has the power to grant anything that its owner wishes.
22ct gold leaves are used in two third of the painting. The black color background suits the painting.The leaf patterns in the tree are creative and artistic. Real Tanjore gems are used for ornamenting the painting.
The paintings decorate the puja rooms in residences, orcades in major hotels and lobbies in Corporate Offices. They also make nice gifts for Diwali, Weddings and other special occasions.
The frames(teak wood) used for Thanjavur paintings are of two types.
1. The wooden type wherein plain type of wood is used.
2. The Chettinad type which are more ornamental with designs. Instead of breakable glass, "Transparent acrylic sheets" are used to avoid breakage during transit.

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18 in. x 24 in
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24 in. x 30 in.
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24 in. x 36 in.
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36 in. x 48 in.
Product Code : MC 101D

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