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Indian Sweet (62)
Making Kaju Katli (1)
sakkaravalli kizhan.. (1)
Senaikalangu cutlet.. (1)
Paruppu Sadam dal r.. (1)
Tomato rasam south .. (1)
Chicken biryani Sou.. (1)
raita south indian .. (1)
Poori masala south .. (1)
Cabbage poriyal Sou.. (1)
Tomato biryani sout.. (1)
Idli with tomato ch.. (1)
Lentil curry indian.. (1)
Gobi 65 cauliflower.. (1)
Making soft fluffy .. (1)
Indian chai recipe (1)
how to make idli ba.. (1)
Malai kofta Indian .. (1)
Peanut chutney indi.. (1)
Kerala chicken curr.. (1)
Pasiparuppu dosa in.. (1)
Mushroom poriyal re.. (1)
Pongal Coconut chut.. (2)
Paruppu rasam tamil.. (1)
Sambar murugakai ta.. (1)
mango jam (1)
Making lemon sevai (1)
Indian Drinks (14)
Party Menu (27)
Mexican American Di.. (2)
American Dishes (12)
Indian Italian Cook.. (4)
Indo Chinese recipe.. (15)
Indian Dry Varietie.. (21)
Indian Non Veg Curr.. (48)
Indian Non Vegetari.. (13)
Cooking Tips (4)
Requested Party Men.. (7)
Glossary Pickles (12)
Indian Dessert & Ca.. (23)
Indian Style Teriya.. (1)
Upma (1)
What Is (38)
Diet Recipes (23)
Lactating Mothers R.. (9)
Chettinad Recipes S.. (50)
Recipe Contribution.. (165)
Pregnant Mothers Re.. (11)
Microwave Cooking (1)
Indian Vegetarian R.. (185)
  Indian Sweet (62)

Indian Sweet Delicious Recipes desserts How to make India sweets North South Festival Dish Ingredients Authentic Indian Recipes, easy recipes, cooking recipes, recipes ingredients, cooking recipes, quick recipes, simple recipes, cooking tips, chef, Indian Recipes

  Indian Vegetarian Recipe (185)

Indian vegeterian recipe online are a great help to you at the kitchen. Its a quick and easy reference while your are cooking. You can request any recipe you want available on our website.

  Cooking Tips (4)

Cooking Tips

  Indian Non Vegetarian Rice (13)

Chicken, Mutton and fish cooked with Indian spices fills up the table for the authentic South Indian Non vegetarian dishes.

  Indian Non Veg Curry Recipes (48)

Chicken Curries are made as a side dish to either plain rice or variety rice, they also are good when had with Chappatis

  Indian Dry Varieties Recipes (21)

Indian Dry Non Vegetarian Recipes How to make Non Veg Curry Indian Cuisine cooking Ingredients

  Indo Chinese recipes (15)

Indo Chinese Recipes vegetarian non veg cooking dishes Fried rice recipe How to make Chinese Recipes Varieties

  Indian Italian Cooking (4)

Indian Italian Cooking Recipes Italian cuisine Vegetarian Non Veg food How to make

  American Dishes (12)

American dishes Delicious Recipes desserts How to make USA Sweets Festival Dish Authentic, easy recipes, cooking recipes, recipes ingredients, cooking recipes, quick recipes, simple recipes, cooking tips, chef, Indian Recipes

  Mexican American Dishes (2)

Mexican American Dishes Authentic Recipes How to make American Cuisian delicious food

  Party Menu (27)

Indian Party Menus Recipes North south indian vegetarian Non Veg party menu ideas Indian Party themes

  Indian Drinks (14)

Indian Drinks Recipes Icecream Shakes Juices Sweet Drink Lassi Easy to make delicious healthy drink

  Requested Party Menus (7)

Requested Party Menu for Indian vegetarian Non Veg american party kids baby shower Dinner party Buy order Online

  Glossary Pickles (12)

Different types of Glossary Pickles

  Indian Dessert & Cakes (23)

Indian Dessert Cake recipes Sweets Chocolate Biscuits Salad How to prepare homemade delicious desserts

  Microwave Cooking (1)

Microwave Cooking recipes tips How to make Indian Cuisine food in microwave oven basic tips

  Pregnant Mothers Recipes (11)

Recipes for Pregnant Womens healthy food recipes diet Salad Soups How to prepare recipes pregnant ladies

  Recipe Contributions (165)

Find the recipes posted by viewers.

  Chettinad Recipes South Indian (50)

Chettinad Recipes South Indian Cuisine dish How to prepare Authentic Chettinad snacks tiffin varieties

  Lactating Mothers Recipes (9)

Healthy recipes for Lactating Mothers Recipes,Lactating Mothers healthy recipes diet How to make Indian food Nursing mother best India dish, Ingredients, Authentic Indian Recipes, easy recipes, cooking recipes, recipes ingredients, cooking recipes, quick recipes, simple recipes, cooking tips, chef, Indian Recipes

  Diet Recipes (23)

Diet Recipes For good health

  What Is (38)

What Is


Ayurveda is a 5000 year old wisdom passed down from sages and has its origin from the asian subcontinent. Ayurvedic teaches us to be one with our self. It is said that our thought is the most fastest travelled of any in the world , and it is the thoughts that we need to control for the betterment of life. We are here to share about our life force ayurveda - meaning ?way of life ?in Sanskrit .Ayurveda also known as the ?science of Life? not only has methods to contain about everything under the sun, but also believes what is within ourself is similar to what comos has offers us, in short if we are able to balance our energies from within we could achieve everything else. Ayurveda is grounded in a metaphysics of the 'five great Elements' earth, water, fire, air and ether of which compose the Universe, including the human body. Chyle (called Rasa dhatu), blood (called Rakta dhatu), flesh (called Mamsa dhatu), fat (called Medha dhatu), bone (called Asthi dhatu), marrow (called Majja dhatu), and semen or female reproductive tissue (called Shukra dhatu) are held to be the seven primary constituent elements of the body. Ayurveda stresses a balance of three Humors or Energies: vata (wind/air), pitta (bile) and kapha (phlegm). It is believed that building a healthy metabolic system, attaining good digestion, and proper excretion leads to vitality. Ayurveda also focuses on exercise, yoga, meditation, and massage. Body, mind, and spirit/consciousness need to be addressed both individually and in unison for health to ensue.

  Upma (1)


  Indian Style Teriyaki Salmon (1)

Indian Style Teriyaki Salmon

  Making lemon sevai (1)

Making lemon sevai

  mango jam (1)

mango jam

  Idli with tomato chutney (1)

Idli with tomato chutney

  Tomato biryani south indian re (1)

Tomato biryani south indian recipe

  Cabbage poriyal South Indian r (1)

Cabbage poriyal South Indian recipe

  Poori masala south indian reci (1)

Poori masala south indian recipe

  raita south indian recipe (1)

raita south indian recipe

  Chicken biryani South indian R (1)

Chicken biryani South indian Recipe

  Tomato rasam south indian reci (1)

Tomato rasam south indian recipe

  Paruppu Sadam dal rice tamil r (1)

Paruppu Sadam dal rice tamil recipe

  Senaikalangu cutlet varuval (1)

Senaikalangu cutlet varuval tamil recipe South Indian recipe

  sakkaravalli kizhangu poriyal (1)

sakkaravalli kizhangu poriyal Sweet potato poriyal indian recipe

  Lentil curry indian recipe (1)

Lentil curry indian recipe

  Gobi 65 cauliflower varuval (1)

Gobi 65 cauliflower varuval tamil recipe South indian recipe

  Making soft fluffy idlis (1)

Making soft fluffy idlis tamil recipe,fermenting idli batter in colder climates

  Sambar murugakai tamil recipe (1)

Sambar murugakai tamil recipe, South indian sambar recipe

  Paruppu rasam tamil recipe (1)

Paruppu rasam tamil recipe

  Pongal Coconut chutney (2)

Pongal Coconut chutney south indian recipe

  Mushroom poriyal recipe (1)

Mushroom poriyal recipe,simple mushroom saute

  Pasiparuppu dosa indian recipe (1)

Pasiparuppu dosa indian recipe,moong dal dosa indian recipe

  Kerala chicken curry recipe (1)

Kerala chicken curry recipe,chicken curry recipe with coconut milk

  Peanut chutney indian recipe (1)

Peanut chutney indian recipe

  Malai kofta Indian recipe with (1)

Malai kofta Indian recipe with a twist

  how to make idli batter dosa (1)

how to make idli batter dosa batter using a wet grinder

  Indian chai recipe (1)

Indian chai recipe

  Making Kaju Katli (1)

Making Kaju Katli

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